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House rules & Terms and conditions

These house rules (hereinafter referred to as the "general house rules") are designed to ensure safety, tranquillity and hygiene when visiting all the facilities of Spa des Chapelles. In order to ensure that all our visitors have a pleasant stay, we ask each and every one of them to read the general house rules carefully. Anyone who is invited to one of our facilities is expected to have read the general house rules before each visit.

Anyone using our facilities accepts these rules.


1) Registration at the Spa des Chapelles reception is compulsory. In order to ensure security at Spa des Chapelles, all visitors are required to register by means of an identity card. Without an identity card, a visitor cannot use the facilities.

2) Animals are not permitted on the grounds or in the facilities of Spa des Chapelles.

3) The instructions of the Spa des Chapelles staff must be followed at all times.

4) It is forbidden to bring one's own food and drink and to consume them.

5) It is strictly forbidden to smoke, vapourise, chew gum or spit in the Spa des Chapelles buildings.

6) To ensure the peace and relaxation of all visitors, calm and silence is requested when using our facilities.

7) We ask everyone to respect all visitors and to refrain from any aggressive or racist behaviour, sexual harassment, insults or physical violence. Visitors who fail to comply must leave the facilities immediately at the first request of Spa des Chapelles without compensation or damages of any kind.

8) For security reasons, outside the opening hours of Odalis beauty centre, we do not accept cash payments, only electronic payments will be authorised.

9) We reserve the right to correct any information provided incorrectly on the website (, leaflets or advertising, both before and after a visit, registration or booking.

10) Spa des Chapelles is not responsible to its visitors for accidents that occur on the Spa des Chapelles premises or in the car park.

11) Spa des Chapelles may impose additional requirements regarding personal hygiene and clothing before granting access to the facilities. Personal hygiene treatments (e.g. brushing teeth, shaving, colouring hair, etc.) are not permitted in the Spa des Chapelles facilities.

12) Everyone aged 16 and over is welcome at Spa des Chapelles. Young people aged 16 and 17 must be accompanied by an adult (over 18) to visit the centre. Access to the Spa is forbidden to people under the age of 16 unless they have been invited to a special event organised by Spa des Chapelles or Odalis.

13) As the programming of the equipment is managed solely by the owners, please do not attempt to modify the settings of the sauna, hammam, infrared seats or jacuzzi.

14) It is strictly forbidden to pour products (oil, soap, etc.) into the jacuzzi.

15) Groups of more than 4 people will not be admitted.

16) If you have heart problems, are pregnant or suffer from any other ailment, we ask you to present a medical certificate to the Spa des Chapelles or Odalis reception stating that use of the centre does not pose a problem for the above-mentioned ailments. Access to the centre is forbidden to those with suspicious skin lesions. Bandages are not permitted.


1) Bathing suits must be worn in the centre.

2) It is forbidden to enter the Spa des Chapelles centre wearing shoes, boots or other items. These must be removed in the corridor before entering the centre. Non-slip bathing shoes must be worn when moving around the wellness complex. The sauna, steam room and jacuzzi must be used barefoot.

3) Bathrobes, slippers and towels are available at reception in exchange for your identity card. In the event of loss of bath linen, compensation will be charged (bathrobe €100 and bath towel €25).

4) All visitors are required to clean their bodies thoroughly in the rooms provided before using the wellness facilities. Sun creams and oils are strictly forbidden in the centre.

5) You must shower before using the baths, saunas or steam baths. You must shower after using a hot room.

6) After using the toilets, visitors are requested to wash their hands thoroughly with hot water and soap.

7) For reasons of hygiene, it is compulsory to place the whole body on a towel in the sauna.

8) Eating and drinking are only permitted in the dry relaxation room (not in the wet areas). It is forbidden to bring any food or drink into the centre.


1) During the occupation of the Spa des Chapelles centre, all visitors must leave their personal belongings in the cloakroom. Use of the cloakroom is temporary. A key to the centre will be given to the occupants for the duration of the rental period, and the centre door will be locked from the inside by the occupants of the centre. Spa des Chapelles declines all responsibility in the event of theft or loss. The key must be returned at the end of the hire period. In the event of loss of the key, users will be required to pay a fine of 200 euros.

2) The use of mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, cameras and laptops is prohibited in the sauna, hammam and jacuzzi. It is forbidden to take photographs or make audio (visual) recordings in the centre.

3) It is forbidden to bring weapons, knives, chemical substances or other products into the centre.

4) Before or during your visit to the sauna, hammam and jacuzzi, it is forbidden to consume alcohol, narcotics, analgesics or psychotropic substances.

5) After a heavy meal, you are advised to wait two hours before using the sauna, steam room or jacuzzi.

6) In the event of damage to equipment or buildings, users will be responsible for repairing the damage.


Article 1 – Application
The present general conditions of sale or supply of services apply, without restriction or reserve, to all the products and/or services offered for sale by Spa des Chapelles (hereinafter referred to as "Spa des Chapelles").
The fact that an individual or legal entity orders the services provided by Spa des Chapelles (privatisation of the centre and related services, by internet or any other means) implies full and complete acceptance of these general conditions of sale. They are accessible at all times on the site and will prevail, if necessary, over any other version and over the Customer's own general conditions of purchase or others.
Article 2 – Prices and Terms of payment
The current prices are inclusive of all taxes. We reserve the right to defer any new taxes and increases.
Prices are quoted in Euros.
You must pay the full price of the centre when making a reservation, to the bank details given during the online ordering process. For all other purchases of goods or services on site, payment will be made in full by electronic means (cards) only.
Reservations will not be exchanged or refunded, either in full or in part. In the event of cancellation more than 72 hours before the time reserved by the customer and provided that Spa des Chapelles is able to fill the unoccupied time, the customer may obtain a voucher for a reservation of the same amount at a later date to be agreed with Spa des Chapelles.
Article  3 - Complaints
Any complaint and/or dispute by the customer with regard to the service must be made, exclusively by e-mail to the address, no later than 48 hours after the event giving rise to the complaint or dispute.
Article 4 - Intellectual property rights
The intellectual property rights of the site and its elements belong to the company SD Bureaux et Services or to third parties. The sales contract concluded between Spa des Chapelles and the purchaser does not grant the latter the right to copy, reproduce, download, post, transmit or distribute any of the elements of the Spa des Chapelles website.
Article 5 - Privacy policy
SD Bureaux et Services and Spa des Chapelles respect the protection of personal data in accordance with applicable Belgian and European regulations on the protection of personal data, in particular, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data. You can consult our privacy policy on the protection of personal data here.
Article 6 - Governing law and competent tribunal
Any dispute shall be governed by Belgian law. The courts and tribunals of the district of Namur shall have sole jurisdiction.
Article 7 - Limitation of liability
Spa des Chapelles shall not be deemed to be in default of performance of the services if such performance is prevented or delayed by an event of Force Majeure. Force Majeure is defined as any delay, failure to perform, damage, loss or destruction, or malfunction affecting the Service, or any consequence thereof, caused or occasioned by, or due to, an event of Force Majeure, such as, but not limited to, floods, storms, high water, drought, fire, earthquake, destruction by lightning, power failure, explosions, war, riots, destruction of machinery or equipment, unavailability of means of transport, malfunction or interruptions of the electricity or telecommunications network, strikes, occupations of premises, work stoppages, acts or omissions of third parties, or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of SD Bureaux et Services preventing the normal performance of the contract and which cannot be overcome by the adoption of reasonable measures.
Spa des Chapelles will take all reasonable steps to limit the adverse effects on the Customer of Force Majeure or exceptional circumstances as described above. Wherever possible and with the agreement of the customer, Spa des Chapelles will offer to reallocate the booking to an alternative booking slot. If no agreement for a reallocation can be reached, Spa des Chapelles undertakes to refund the reservation paid for by the customer. However, no additional compensation or indemnity of any kind whatsoever may be claimed by the customer.
Clients taking part in the services provided by Spa des Chapelles must be in good health and not suffer from any ailment or contraindication to the use of the components made available (Sauna, Hammam, Infrared, Jacuzzi...). Spa des Chapelles is not in a position to check the physical condition of participants and it is therefore their sole responsibility to decide whether or not to take part in an activity for which they may be contraindicated.
If Spa des Chapelles has any doubt as to the fitness of a client or participant to take part in an activity, Spa des Chapelles or its partners reserve the right to refuse access to the participant (e.g. skin condition, injury, pregnant woman...). No refund will be possible in this case.
Spa des Chapelles declines all responsibility in the event of an accident resulting from failure to comply with the safety rules imposed or the provisions of the Internal Regulations. Spa des Chapelles also declines all responsibility in the event of loss or theft of any object whatsoever.
Article 8 - Sanctions

Spa des Chapelles and its staff reserve the right to interrupt temporarily or definitively any service during which the safety of users or the infrastructure cannot be guaranteed, for reasons beyond its control and/or following the inappropriate behaviour of clients and/or participants who do not respect the internal regulations.
In this event, Spa des Chapelles reserves the right to report any inappropriate behaviour to the competent judicial or police authorities. Interruption of the service as a result of inappropriate behaviour by clients and/or participants will not give rise to any reimbursement by SD Bureaux et Services. On the other hand, SD Bureaux et Services reserves the right to claim compensation from clients whose participants are at fault in order to compensate other participants/clients and/or the Spa des Chapelles and its partners who have suffered the effects of the interruption of services.