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An exceptional private Spa in a prime location

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An exceptional private Spa in a prime location

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The Spa

We invite you to come and recharge your batteries in our private spa, located in the unique setting of the Dames Blanches Farm.

A pretty courtyard full of flowers and trees, surrounded by stone walls, welcomes you and immediately gives you a feeling of calm.

We've tried to prolong this feeling by respectfully renovating an 18th-century building, creating a warm atmosphere and using the very latest wellness techniques.

Spa des Chapelles is a privileged place where noble materials and the passing of time have come together to offer you the ideal conditions to rest and reconnect with yourself.

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The Amenities

In creating the Spa, we wanted to offer a quality experience that is unique in the region. We have used high-quality, made-to-measure components, paying particular attention to your comfort and the harmony of the whole. During your stay, the spa and its facilities are all yours.

A steam room, sauna, 4-seater jacuzzi, infrared zone, salt wall, tropical shower, relaxation area and bamboo garden are available for private use.

The sauna

Made of cedar wood, measuring 2m by 1m70, with 2 benches. It can accommodate 4 people. Located close to the shower, so you can freshen up between 2 sessions.

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The hammam

Made of stone and Corian, measuring 1m70 by 1m60, it can accommodate 2 people. Located close to the shower, so you can freshen up between 2 sessions.

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The jacuzzi

In a more intimate cocoon, away from the hammam and sauna area and the relaxation room, is the jacuzzi. Stainless steel for hygiene, surrounded by exotic, luxurious Padouk wood. The pool measures 1.50m by 1.80m and has 2 seats and 2 recliners. With its many jets, it combines comfort and performance.

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The relaxation room

The relaxation room allows you to unwind and recover from the intense efforts of using the sauna, hammam and jacuzzi (yes, that's sport!).

In this room made of natural, authentic materials, two deckchairs and two armchairs welcome you for a moment of idleness or conviviality.

How to use it

The infrared zone

You'll find the 2-person infrared bench in the relaxation room.

Infrared rays gently bring your body temperature down after your sauna or hammam session. After the infrared session, cover up with your bathrobe and relax on the sun loungers.

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The bamboo garden

Directly accessible from the relaxation area, the private terrace surrounded by bamboo welcomes you on fine days.

The outdoor terrace is set in a pretty courtyard planted with flowers and trees all year round. To give you all the privacy you could wish for, the terrace is surrounded by lush vegetation, with bamboo, Mexican orange trees, etc.

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The story of the "Dames Blanches" Farm

The origins of the Farm date back to 1468, when the Carmelite nuns (known as the Dames Blanches), driven out of Leffe when Charles the Bold sacked Dinant, settled in Namur.

From their convent in Namur, under the protection of the Dukes of Burgundy, they acquired vast tracts of farmland as far as the Houyoux stream and set up a farm there, which has since been called the “Dames Blanches” Farm.

For more than 3 centuries, the Carmelites ran the farm, until their order was dissolved by Joseph II in 1783.

Passed from hand to hand, the Dames Blanches Farm kept its name to this day and continued to be used for agricultural purposes until the 1990s.

Its architecture has undergone a number of changes over the years, but it has retained the character and soul that make it such an exceptional place.

Spa des Chapelles recently opened in one of the farm's wings, on the site of the village's former bread oven.

Quite naturally, the Spa took its name from the street that leads to it. It is also a reminder of the many chapels that line the streets of the villages in La Bruyère area.